A show, an award, a blog post and a residency

It's been a good month!  I am in a show with 3 other artists at the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, CT.  Prints that work: Printmaking in the service of a bigger picture features the work of myself, John O'Donnell, Neil Dangle-Orians, and Roxanne Faber Savage.  It is on view through March 25, panel discussion March 23.  See a blog post about my work in the show from Sharon Butler of Two Coats of Paint here.  Last week, I received the Art Award from the Long River Review, a UConn Art & Literary Magazine to be published in April.  And finally I was recently accepted to a 4 week residency at Proyecto 'ace, a printmaking studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'll be there from the end of June!